INTRODUCING: A 14-Day Energetic RESET to Activate & Balance your Chakra  
with Lindsay carricarte
 Energetic Reset for Ascension Support:
Are You Ready to Join Me for a Activation Course That Will Reset Your Energy & Awaken Your Soul Potential....
If 2020 has you saying WTF then
It's time for a Radical Energetic rest!
2021 is fast Approaching...

This Year has been absolutely INSANE w/ Ascension Energy, so, I have one question for you...
Would You Like to navigate this Ascension Portal in a state of Ease, Grace, and Flow By being So grounded in Your Truth that Nothing Phases you? 
What You Will Gain From This 14-Day Course
Shift #1: What Most People Don't Know About Energy & Emotions 
You have more power than you know when it comes to who you are and what your life looks like. The secret to everything lies in the Root Chakra and we're going to unblock that flow while also identifying and rewriting those old, outdated beliefs around, identity, security, and worth. You ARE a vibrational being and it is time for you to understand just how powerful your emotions are as wayshowers. 
Shift #2: What's Keeping You in Lower Vibrational Loops 
Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to break free from the patterns that keep showing up in your life when it comes to health, Love, money, success, and wealth? This is where you release the block. When you understand YOUR unique patterns and programming you get to give yourself the upgrades to your subconscious programs that will shift you into happiness and success.  
Shift #3: Where Your Conscious Creation Power is Hiding
Maybe you're new to the idea that you create your reality, or
maybe you're not. Either way, if you don't yet have it ALL then there is more to be learned. Isn't it time you stepped up to the next level and started living life at full potential? If you are dreaming of it, IT CAN BE YOURS! You can have whatever you want once you align yourself to it. You are a fractal of divinity and it is time for you to embrace your power. 
Ascension Support Special 
Full Price - $297
Yours for $97
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What Will You Receive? 

  •  A powerful movement & yoga-based clearing practice (on-demand video based) for each of the main chakras in the body (7 total) 
  • ​A channeled 12D energetic activation & quantum healing session for each of the chakras (7 total) 
  • ​Coaching & discussions mini-classes on the various chakras, manifestation, energy, and vibration 
  • ​Bonus practices & classes for healing, aligning, and resetting your chakra templates 
  • ​Access to a  facebook group for support, questions, and bonus coaching with Lindsay 
  • ​Lifetime access to the entire course content (including new content that gets added!) 
  • ​Over 30 on-demand video classes and exercises for clearing out the old and activating your new desired chakra templates 
  • ​Journal prompts and other written exercises to take you even deeper on your journey 
  • ​Energetic upgrades throughout the course 
  • ​A bonus group call where you can receive even more insights and shifts in perspective 

What Will This Reset Do For You? 

  •  Clear out old lack, fear, and scarcity templates from the Root 
  • ​Activate the 12D Divine Freedom, Abundance, and Health templates that are available to humanity 
  • ​Clear out & heal old emotional traumas and wounds that have been keeping you looping in the same patterns 
  • ​Awaken your soul memory to access your true soul purpose and power  
  • ​Access your power as a conscious manifestor 
  • ​Dissolve limiting stories and beliefs of not-enoughness, inferiority, and insecurity about who you are and what you are here to do 
  • ​Close down the old timelines (familial, past-life, and ancestral) that have been keeping you in lack, dis-ease, and slave codes 
  • ​Access your Heart Chakra 12D cellular Compassion & Divine Self-Love templates 
  • ​Awaken your intuition and learn how to follow your Soul GPS 
  • ​Step fully into your divine trust so you can take the aligned actions that will support your dreams 
  • ​Understand the power of conscious grounding as part of manifesting your desires 
  • ​Activate your true state of abundance, health, and wellness 
Are you ready for some "MAGIC" in your life? Wait...I'm serious. Hear me out! 

I know that sounds kind of funny, but when you fully understand the astounding power of the secrets I'm about to reveal to you, you will completely understand why what I am about to tell you is
Absolutely True.

Have you ever believed that in order to have money you would have to sacrifice your health or relationships? As in the belief that successful people don't have good relationships or they jeopardize their health working REALLY HARD to make that money.

It's all BS and if you're ready for a new way keep reading.... 

Perhaps you've studied the Law of Attraction before. Maybe you've read The Secret or other manifestation guides. Or you've worked with a coach who couldn't seem to help you get the results you desired. 

The results like...

....More money than you know what to do with AND the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment while you make it.

....Improved health and vitality or even weight loss (Yes! Even your weight could be affected by this secret I'm going to reveal to you!). 

.....Improved intimacy and communication in your relationships. Or just plain better (more supportive!) relationships then the ones that have been showing up in your life up until now. 

Instead of results you keep finding that the weight comes back. Or maybe it's that the money keeps running out. Or you stay tired and stressed. If it's not the money, it's that you feel misunderstood, used, and abused in the relationships that you keep attracting. 

And you constantly feel as though you have to CHOOSE between health and wealth. Wealth OR love. And it just really seems as though you can't have it all - that everything comes with a cost and that cost is usually your health and relationships in exchange for the money coming in. 

Do you know what I mean? 

The reason nothing has worked so far is because you didn't have this missing piece. THE piece that those who you see succeeding have but you don't. You've tried all the other external, commonly followed solutions out there. 

And yet it always seems to be the same results...

The money disappears again. The stresses come back. The relationship fails with yet another narcissist. The chronic pain creeps back in and once again you're too exhausted to care. . 


What I am about to reveal to you is the blending of modern and ancient knowledge and discoveries in how the mind, our energy, our emotions, and our universe really work and how they come together to create and manifest everything in your reality.....

Combine this with the centuries old, time tested principles for manipulating and controlling reality 
through your energy and the guidance of my galactic team.....

In short,

What I am about to reveal to you...
is The Heart and Soul of YOUR True Magic and Power!

You've seen others make massive shifts and strides in all areas of their lives. You've watched them lose the weight, improve their health, achieve amazing things, go from broke to rich, change jobs to the career of their dreams, attract the perfect partner no matter what they do.....

It all just seems to work out for them.....
And the whole time you are 
left wondering....
Why not me? Why won't anything work for me?
Where's MY success, health, happiness, and wealth? 
When am I going to get what I want in life? 
Why does it always seem to be the same old story for me? 
You're exhausted. Your health is declining and you don't even feel like you have the energy to do anything about it. Your doctor can't explain it and neither can you. You've been spending money you don't have on solutions that just don't work. Life feels like nails on a chalkboard or an bad-fitting pair of low-rise jeans (and we all know how awful THAT feels!). 

Time IS running out. It's the ONE THING in life we can't buy more of. You can't control it or reverse it. And now you're at the point where you are ready to not waste another moment of your precious time being alone or feeling lonely, tired, tapped out, broke, and STUCK where you are. 

Do you ever wonder what happened to the magic and hope that you had as a child? I should know... I spent 15 years of my life in that very cell of emptiness, fear, and hopelessness. Due to the way I was living I ended up with cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) at the age of 26. I also battled depression, anxiety, and addiction which was fueled by the underlying feeling that I was trapped in a life that didn't feel good. I had no one to love or trust, I was broke and homeless, and my health left much to be desired. 

Ascension Support Special 
Full Price - $297
Yours for $97
Now, I Am Living A Life on MY TERMS, giving my gifts to the world, I am surrounded by FREEDOM, Love, Purpose, and Abundance! 
And you can too, because there is another way to live.... A way where you get to BE, DO, and HAVE IT ALL. 

Because The Old Way Of Doing Things Is OVER.

It's time to WIN each day, one day at a time, Together. It's time to win your life in ALL areas. Not just one. 

I spent the first 33 years of my life struggling to feel vital and healthy, stuck in a rut of jobs I hated that didn't pay well so I was constantly living paycheck to paycheck, and being lonely and miserable after one failed relationship after another. 

And I spent the last 6 YEARS learning how to truly succeed in life and how to attract anything and everything I wanted....
The husband of my dreams.
My own successful coaching and healing brand that brings in over SIX FIGURES a year. 
I've been cancer free for 12 YEARS and even though I am about to turn forty, I've never felt more amazing than I do right now - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

And I KNOW for a fact that I've nailed it. So I'm going to teach you everything I know so you can do the exact same...

Because every single person on this planet, YES, YOU, deserves to live in HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, FREEDOM, and HAPPINESS. 
Are You Ready to Align Your Life?
To Reset Your Energy & Expand?
I am here to teach you HOW to navigate this time of ascension with EASE!
When I first started trying to "change my cards" as I like to call it, I was in my early 20's. But I knw that something wasn't right about how I was living. I was young! The "best years of my life, my prime" is what I kept hearing. 

So why did I feel like an old lady? I was tired ALL THE TIME. Sick with chest colds constantly. Depressed. Anxious. I was having panic attacks. I was broke all the time and so I constantly had to push myself to work more even though I was exhausted. 

Then my addiction to pain meds and alcohol got REALLY bad. And of course everyone I knew assumed that I was DOOMED because most people don't escape addiction, right? And even besides that, the world had shown me that you definitely can't change your cards around money! 

The poor stay poor and the rich get rich, right? And I had just better find a job and be grateful for it even if I hated it. 

And believe me, I tried therapy, exercise, anti-depressants, and even rehab for the drinking and pills. None of it was working for me. 

This went on for 10 MORE YEARS! Yikes. I don't know how I survived, honestly. 

And that's when it finally happened. I had the biggest AHA of my life at a point in time when I was so hopeless that I was ready to take my own life. 

I came to understand that what I was experiencing in life - all of it - was being influenced by something greater. And I'm not about to go religious on you here so stay with me! 

I came to understand that it was MY ENERGETIC patterns and programs that were creating my experiences in life. And that's when I IMMEDIATELY got started in learning how to shift and reset those energies. 

Because energy is changeable. All of a sudden I understood that I had been trying to address my issues from the top when really all I ever needed to do was approach them from the ROOT of the issue.... which was waiting for me in my energy. 

From that moment on my ENTIRE life started to change very quickly. And 6 years later I believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 
Ascension Support Special 
Full Price - $297
Yours for $97